How to Start a Blog: What Every Newbie Should Know
Why would I want to blog? A blog? You're wondering what is it precisely, right? You've heard of it... however, you're not certain of what it's about and how to even get started. There are a lot of people popping up all over with these new blogs and you're curious why it's becoming a trend. You're wondering what's the deal for me, or perhaps you've heard that people are actually earning money from their blogs. It's beginning to sound sort of nice to you but you aren't sure where to begin. The first thing to know is that blogs are a place which allows you to post anything your heart desires. There are a variety of blogging platforms available for people to choose from and I'll talk more about that lateron, but let's look at what blogging is first. There are many bloggers who write about topics they find interesting to them. For example, if an artist decides to start a blog so that she can talk about art, she is aware of everything there is to an artist and wants to share her knowledge across the globe. She's so educated and everyone on the internet searching for info on art, start to find her blog and are convinced that it's amazing! The people who visit her blog frequently because she's so amazing her information and the advice she gives are so helpful. As she begins to grow her following and she looks up thousands of people checking her blog every day... she believes that this is the beginning of something! Time to Make Money through My Blog The artist was told that she could begin making money through her blog by monetizing it (putting things on it that will make her money). The only thing she had to do was figure out how she could monetize her blog, there are so many ways to achieve this. It all just depends on your personal preferences and what works most effectively for you. The cool thing with this particular artist was that that she owned her own work to sell. So guess what she did to make it easier for people to put her paintings on her blog for others to purchase. She would blog about her work and then add a picture of her artwork to her blog. She made them clickable . When the user clicked on her image they would be directed to her online store in which she sold her art. What a great idea! That's why... yes.. people who already own a product they're selling can make use of blogs to promote more of their product! For more detail please visit:-  It's only one method to earn money from your blog. If you don't have your own product but you have something you are passionate about and do and know a lot about it or something that you'd like to know more about and master it, well that could be your subject matter and begin to provide information to readers about the subject you are interested in. There are many websites that allow you to have the ability to market their product and make an income from revenue, such as ClickBank or Commission Junction (just to name a few). Some of these sites offer the possibility of marketing their products for absolutely free. If you decide to become an affiliate. You would become an affiliate and promote products of another through your blog. As an example, suppose the artist didn't have a product of her own, but she discovered an amazing art business that offered an affiliate program, which would allow her to market the art business for an income on her blog! Yes! The artist is now earning money from the sales that she's getting from people who visit her site and watch her speak about art and they are delighted enough to pull out their credit card and purchase! The artist sees that this is a great opportunity to aid people in search of details and to also earn an income that could change her life for the better! But there's one thing missing she is getting money, but not enough to really be financially secure. She considers what she do to her blog in order to create more sales. After thinking hard about it she is aware that she has to attract more people to come to her blog. Achieving Traffic to Your Blog DING DING DING!! This is the way to go... Artist has to bring more people to come to her blog to see her products... This is known as generating traffic! So how can she drive visitors to her blog? It's because there's something she must learn about and that's SEO (search engine optimization). What? "I don't understand what SEO is "... she said? It is a method to get your website or blog ranked high in search results, which in turn brings more traffic! When people visit Google, Yahoo or bing (which are the top 3 search engines) and they search for something like "unusual art works" the blogs or websites which discuss that specific area should show up in the searchresults. And when a website is successful in SEO, they will be at the top of the page of the search results. This is the position you want to want your site to show up in the search results on the very top page in the search..why? You should ask yourself this question... when you're looking for something how often do you go to the end of the page to select the page number 2 or 3 or 4? Not often right usually you're only on the first page. This is pretty much what everyone else is doing Nobody has time to look up pages and pages they generally browse through, on the first page... period! Our artist decides to look up ways to utilize SEO in her own blog and then learns what she has to do when writing her articles to make sure that they are optimized to let search engines know she's talking about art. And then, the search engines realize there's a girl over there talking about art lets see what else she has on her blog on art. After adding SEO techniques to her blog, the author starts checking her stats everyday to see how many visitors are coming to her blog. Low and behold the number grew larger and she began to notice her sales growing day after day! Wow!! Who would've thought you could make money speaking about your passions! Sure beats what out of working a JOB you dread going to do, isn't it? Do I create my Blog? You are ready to start writing about your dream idea, but where do you write it? If you are new to blogging, I would suggest using a blog platform designed specifically for you. You can start your blog within just 30 mins or so. It is important to choose one that already has authority in search engine results You can determine this by checking how much traffic is coming into the blog platform you are considering. You should also check if the platform offers instructions on how to be ranked quickly by search engines for all of your blog's pages. Make sure you choose the right blogging platform that fits your needs. Happy Blogging!

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