Where is the Good News?
The news is getting worse each day. The reason for this is that Satan has infected people with sin. This has led to lust, murders, rapes, scandals, among other things. The world's leaders are having trouble getting together because they would like their countries to have more, at the expense of other countries. This won't improve as long as there is a reign of sin. It appears that If there were no bad news, we wouldn't have news in the first place. It's depressing to see the news which Brian Williams of N. B.C. has a story that is positive news. There are many who died during the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, and other locations around the globe. You hear about floods storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, murders, tsunamis, and scandals. We often overlook the efforts of a lot of individuals who helped people during the 2004 tsunami that hit the Indian ocean as well as the Southern coastal states in the United States, after the storms of 2005. There are many who have made a difference to improve the lives of others. However, they aren't in the news. The good news rarely makes the news headlines. The media focuses on the deaths of soldiers, the scandals, and the business tycoons who eat retirement funds of employees. The good things that our soldiers are doing in Iraq are doing are not often reported. For more detail please visit:- https://newsbuzz24.net/ https://goodtourplace.com/ https://eblogsz.com/ https://newsmags.net/ https://britannicaweb.com/ Around 600 years prior to Christ the Lord Jesus Christ Jeremiah, "What do you observe?" He responded that he had seen a boiling pot. Middle East has been an unremitting boiling pot since. There are always threats and suicide bombers causing havoc or all-out conflict. The Bible states that it is an embarrassment to speak about the evil things people commit in the dark (EPH 5:12). We must expose the evils and not dwell on them. The media is constantly dwelling on all things evil. They are constantly bombarded with stories of sexual scandals. They are silent about companies or state and city government officials that have their financial standing from in the red to the black. People are so tired of the bad news that they are left wondering where to find positive news. The good news is found in the Bible. It's as up-to the minute as the newspaper of tomorrow morning. Each sin is clearly described and the solution. It also contains the good news that is the gospel. The good news lies in the fact that Jesus Christ died to forgive our sins. If we keep obeying his commands, our sins are being cleansed continually through his blood and wiped away by God the Father. The good news that eternal life starts when we follow the gospel and that God has promised to work for all people for the benefit of those who obey and love the Lord is amazing! Jesus was born to bring us an abundant life. He promised Joy. It's not something that is triggered by external circumstances and it is what reassures the soul that God is in control of everything. Even when the external environment is urgent, we can be content that God is watching out for us. We are blessed with peace that people cannot comprehend (JN 14:27). We are blessed with Jesus the Holy Spirit as well as Jesus interceding for us as you pray (RO 8:26 & Verse 34). The governments that are a part of Christianity offer freedom to the people. This is due to the fact that Christianity promotes the fruits of the Spirit that includes peace, joy, love patience, kindness, humility, goodness, faithfulness and self-control (GAL 5:22). In general, the governments that don't embrace Christianity don't allow freedom for the citizens and exhibit the opposite characteristics of the fruits mentioned above. They are often averse to anyone who is not a part of their religion. their own. This is a stark proof of how Christianity is a force for positive change in the world. If you find yourself down and depressed after watching the negative news, get your Bible and learn about the amazing mercy the Lord offers us. Look up the good things about the righteous and thank God for it. Freedom-loving people who are not believers should be aware that freedom is created by God. If they look at governments that allow Christianity against those that don't They should be able to conclude that the worlds of after death will be more intense. Heaven will be filled with joy and love, while the alternative will be filled with terror and suffering. The world is mostly filled with bad news. This is a sign of the direction in which the world's population is headed. Heaven will be filled with nothing but positive news. This is a reason to live our lives in a way that allows us to reach there. The article could be published in the event that the resource box remains unchanged. The article is written by the writer of climbing the Heavenly Stairs. Begin to get acquainted with the man who died at your feet. Everyone will kneel to him. If you don't do it in this lifetime then it will be too for you to be benefited. Find out all you can about God in heaven as well as the Holy Spirit

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